Why Does the Price of Hot Water Cylinders Vary


In New Zealand (NZ), a hot water system is very much needed in every home due to the extended winter season. A hot water system in the form of hot water cylinder can be highly useful during the season as it can help in meeting all types of domestic need. But if you are thinking of purchasing a new system, it can be useful to know that the hot water cylinders NZ price can vary significantly. It is not as though the prices have been worked out haphazardly by companies manufacturing them rather there are a lot of different choices that can be made related to the body of a cylinder, features and working standards.

It will always be helpful to know something about them before investing in a hot water cylinder. Therefore, we take a look at some of the important aspects that can decide its price.

Why Does the Price of Hot Water Cylinders Vary

  • The body of the equipment – Hot water cylinders NZ price is very much dependent on the type of material from which it is made. Usually, in New Zealand, manufacturers make use of stainless steel or vitreous enamel to make hot water cylinders. Additionally, copper is also used for making these cylinders. Hence, the hot water cylinders NZ price depends on the material that is used for construction to a large extent. While the price of vitreous models can be a bit more, stainless steel models may cost less, but that also will depend on the size of a particular cylinder.
  • The size of a hot water cylinder – The hot water cylinders NZ price can also depend on its size. It is a general knowledge that cylinders that can hold more volumes of water can be costlier than smaller ones. Therefore, in NZ, one can expect to get cylinders from within 100 liters capacity to more than 300 liters for domestic and official use although a cylinder of 180 liters is assumed to be a standard for all applications and this particular type of cylinder can be very easily found at most places. For any normal home or a small commercial establishment, a 180 liters model can work out to be the best.
  • Some essential features – There are some essential features that determine hot water cylinders NZ price like venting, and energy standards. These features are very important in any cylinder, and as a customer, one should have ample knowledge of them so that it can be useful for an application and the equipment can be used optimally. Most NZ cylinders come with three inlet options that can be very helpful for it to be filled with water pretty soon. Additionally, it is also essential to meet or surpass the MEPS energy performance standards so that a piece of equipment does not come with an excess operational bill.

We have seen here some of the factors that can have a bearing on the price of hot water cylinders in New Zealand. Apart from them, there can be some more, and as a customer, one should get to know of them so that the best hot water cylinder can be purchased.