Strange Laws Around The World


Laws can often take weird turns, and most of the time, you wouldn’t be aware since something so bizarre would quite definitely escape your attention or logic. Strange laws aren’t native to one country alone. Almost every country in the world has a law or two that will leave you confused.

Let us look at some of such laws in this article.

UK and Salmon

The United Kingdom is famous for their fish and chips delicacy but did you know you could end up in serious trouble if you are caught holding a salmon in suspicious circumstances? The law is also pretty well-known since it was passed in 1986 as the Salmon Act of 1986. The Salmon Act of 1986 initially drafted in order to regulate the sale of salmon. Suspicious circumstance, in this case, can be defined as a situation where the salmon in question is believed to be fished illegally. One could face two years of imprisonment.


Denmark and names

Denmark is a country where naming a child should go according to laws that are set as guidelines. A list of 7,000 names have been approved by the government, and you are only to choose any one of from the list. If you wish to name your child something else, you will have to seek the approval of the government. Think of all the celebrity baby names that would be downright illegal in Denmark!

St. Mark’s Square and birds

Imagine going for that big, dream vacation to Venice. You’re visiting all the monuments and sites you’ve only seen pictures or videos of first-hand. You reach St. Mark’s Square, and you see all the birds, just like in the pictures. You reach for a piece of bread that you happened to have in your hand, and you throw it to the birds. Suddenly, an officer comes by and penalizes you. You are now booked with a $700 fine. What did you do wrong? You fed the birds. Birds have been cited as a bad influence on both the monument as well as the health of anyone visiting and feeding them is punishable.


Greece and high heels

Plenty of monuments in Greece have banned the entry of people wearing high heels simply due to the fact that they damage the historical sites and cities. They are also a significant threat to the preservation of the cities themselves.