Scaffolding: A Requirement of Every Construction


Also known as staging, scaffolding is actually a temporary platform that’s made out of timber, bamboo, or still. It’s a very important part of construction work to provide support to workers when it’s about working in various heights.

This structure is also seen to act as a supporting system for various materials in times of repairing or cleaning the machines as well as building.

What are the different types of Scaffolding?

Scaffoldings are of different types and these are trestle scaffolding, patented scaffolding, steel scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, single scaffolding, and double scaffolding.

Requirement of Every Construction

Patented scaffoldings are basically formed with frames and couplings. It’s mainly made out of steel and it’s also ready-made. This kind of structure is specifically arranged on brackets and thus it can be adjusted to any height.

Trestle Scaffolding is another popular type and this type of structure is supported by movable tripods or ladders. Trestle Scaffolding is actually used when the construction work is performed inside a room or house. The trestle scaffolding’s height is up to 5m.

Cantilever scaffolding is actually supported by various needles. And this kind of scaffolding is formed when it comes to repairing of the upper part of a wall and like that. When there is a ground nearby of a wall or if there’s no support for any standard for the respective repairing task, cantilever scaffolding is used.

Steel Scaffolding is actually made out of steel tubes and these tubes are combined with each other with the help of steel couplers or fittings.

Moreover, it’s easy to build up or dismantle steel scaffolding. This type of scaffolding is more long-lasting and it holds sufficient strength. Moreover, steel scaffolding is great fire resistant.

On the contrary, suspended scaffolding is used for repair works, painting, and pointing. Being known as Mason’s scaffolding, double scaffolding is basically used for masonry. In order to increase the strength of this scaffolding, rakes and cross braces are used.

When it comes to masons for bricks, a single scaffolding is used. Also known as brick layer’s scaffolding, single scaffolding is very much helpful that provides protection to workers in times of working.

Why Scaffolding is used?

For ages, the scaffolding technique is used by construction services all around the world due to many reasons. This structure provides great protection to construction workers in times of working in various heights. Moreover, it alleviates labor costs as well.

Nowadays, different types of scaffolding are available through which workers have become capable of completing their work within the shortest possible time. As a result, they can easily meet specific work deadlines. It leads to the improvement of productivity to a great extent because the working condition would be safer in this way. Scaffolding also increases the confidence of the workers.

If you want to start new construction works in your home or if you want to renovate your existing home, you must always consult an experienced construction company. You can also ask them what type of scaffolding they use during the construction work.