Importance and effectiveness of digital marketing


In the recent years, market place has become more digitalized and technology continues to evolve to make effective changes in the market place. More and more consumers have resorted to researching and buying products online.  When more consumers use the internet for shopping, digital marketing plays an important role in making your company popular amongst your target consumers. Here are a re few reasons why digital marketing is important and effective in today’s world.


  • Powerful form of marketing- Digital marketing can transform the way you reach and engage your customer base. There have been different case studies of different companies where digital marketing has sent their sales rocketing through the roof.  For example, an e-commerce company called Nidhi has increased their sales by more than 714% over a period of 3 months when used social media for marketing.
  • Cost-effective- It is a known fact that one of the most important benefits of digital marketing I that it is way more cost effective than traditional marketing. It allows all kinds of businesses to promote their company at free or very less cost. The limited budget of start-ups makes it difficult for them to compete with bigger companies in terms of traditional marketing.


  • Measurable form of marketing- Digital marketing helps you measure the number of clicks or views your ad received and helps you keep track of the progress of your ads. Digital marketing gives you stats and analytics and can help you determine if your ad is working or not. Using this response you can adapt or change your ad according to the reviews.
  • Defined target audience- Through digital marketing you can have a more defined and set target audience and it will make it easier for you to reach that particular target audience. This way there is less wastage of resources and you can use different tactics to engage the audience’s attention accordingly.


  • Customers have gone online- Most people today are resorting to researching about different products online and buying those products online. In times like these it is crucial to have an online presence to ensure that buyers notice your product and can buy it. This also provides businesses to connect and interact with the customers and learn their reviews about different products.
  • Social media- Social media is one of the biggest platforms for connecting to your customer base. About 2.34 billion people are on social media platforms regularly and digital marketing helps you reach these 2.34 billion people in a click and much less investment. Your company can use these social media sites to inform and engage the audience about your products and services and can also use advertising to promote your content.